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 a personal bio...

    Maria was born in Castellamare del Golfo - a beautiful Italian resort village on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea.  Only five years old when her family arrived in America, the influence of her Mediterranean heritage can still be sensed in the creative style of her designs.    While still a teenager, Maria returned to Europe  - to the fashion design capital of Milan, Italy - to attend the prestigious school of fashion design, the Istituto Artistico dell'Abbigliamento, "Marangoni".    After graduating , she returned to California and entered her first professional career, achieving early success as a designer in the highly competitive clothing fashion design industry.  Maria then proceeded into ownership of retail businesses in Southern California - from the late 1960's thru the 1980's - variously specializing in bridal fashions, fine fabrics, and floral designs.   The opening of Maria's exclusive online gift boutique in 2003,, was just another step in her artistic journey.  Maria's business name - "Love and Roses" - was chosen many years ago in honor of the cherished history of one of Maria's earlier businesses - Love n' Roses - her Southern California floral design business of the 70's and 80's.  

   Clearly... the world of fashion design is a world Maria loves...  whether designing works from fine silks, incorporating antique portions of lace, with occasional accents of precious metals - silver, gold - and... delicate flowers.   In each individualized work, Maria's art evolves in a highly personalized world of beauty.  

    This website, Maria's online "boutique", is where her established retail customers can privately access her latest design ideas and her occasional announcements; and where, when appointments are available, customers can make arrangements to discuss commissioned works.   Maria also uses this site to occasionally (oftentimes seasonally) showcase a selected assortment of  her more traditional  floral arts and beautiful gift ideas. 

   Dates and times of online presentations will be announced via email messages to the established clientele of Love and Roses.

Love and Roses ...  unique gifts of beauty...  for celebrations, special occasions, and lasting memories ...

A personal note from Maria Suttle...

Thank you for taking a moment to visit my website. 
I hope you will again visit Love and Roses, 
to enjoy my variously scheduled presentations, products, and displays.

   With very best wishes,
  Maria Suttle


Maria Suttle


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